Europe 2016: London

Adelaide Airport

Oxford Street

Oxford Street

London Souveneirs

British Museum

British Museum

Oxford Street

Big Ben

London Eye


British Museum

Oxford Street

South Kensington


Telephone Box

Jac and Vic

mum, me and Anna

I was looking over photos from my recent trip to London, Paris and Greece, and thought I would share some photos with some that I haven’t shared on social media. This post includes photos from London, the first section is from my camera and the second are from my iPhone (excuse the quality, I really need a new phone). We were in London for 3.5 days after a long trip from Australia, via Dubai. Those travel pillows were a real life saver, best $7 I’ve ever spent! On the first day that we arrived, we went straight to our hotel in South Kensington, such a beautiful area in London with white buildings, black iron fences and lovely flower boxes. We freshened up and then went out for dinner, after eating and exploring a bit we went back to the hotel to relax ready for our first full day.

On the second day in London we had breakfast at the hotel and then caught the bus to Oxford Street and walked to the British Museum. After finally finding it, we saw incredible artefacts which you can see in the photos above. After the museum we went on a Double Decker Bus Tour to see all of the tourist sights of London – we were really lucky to have great weather. That night we ate some really delicious pizza and enjoyed the daylight until late!

On our third day in London we caught the bus back down to Oxford Street to meet my friend Victoria and cousin Anna, both living over in the UK. We had a great day catching up, having lunch at a traditional English Pub, and doing some shopping. To be honest I wasn’t impressed with the shopping on Oxford Street. I didn’t find anything I liked (except for really expensive designer pieces), the only thing I bought was a pair of Nike leggings for the gym. I noticed that there are high end stores such as Harrods, Selfridges and all the designer shops and then there are fast fashion stores like Zara, H&M and Primark. There wasn’t that in between boutique style stores that I typically like to shop at. On a positive note, since I didn’t do any shopping in London, I had more money to spend in Paris!

All in all, I really enjoyed London, staying in South Kensington was beautiful and close to everything we wanted to see. Catching up with friends and enjoying the scenery with my mum was a lot of fun and a great start to the trip. Have you been to London? What was your favourite thing to do/explore there?

I will post photos from Paris next! Thanks for visiting my blog, Jacqui xxx

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    I have fallen in love.

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      You’re too sweet, thanks Naomi! Miss you xxx

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