Sabo Formal Monaco Halter Dress

Sabo Formal 1

Sabo Formal 1

Sabo Formal 2

Sabo Formal 3

Sabo Formal Monaco Halter Dress, Sabo Skirt x Wanted Shoes Heels

Getting into the Summer spirit just before the start of December with this lovely Sabo Formal halter dress. The dress is really versatile, it can be casual paired with sandals (if you’re tall enough) and a cool necklace, or you can dress it up with heels like I have. I really love the detailing around the waistline and the low back, perfect for warm summer nights! Sabo Skirt is really great for affordable and beautiful pieces, they have everything from cute outfits for the beach to formal wear and a range of shoes; I have quite a few of their pieces. If you’re looking for something to wear to Christmas events, but don’t want to spend big, definitely check them out, they have new clothes in all the time.

As you can see in the photos (and many other outtakes), the windy weather wasn’t quite ideal for photos at the beach, my hair was everywhere, all part of the fun. Thanks to Chantelle for being patient with me while taking these photos. You can check out Chantelle’s Instagram here.

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