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Le Salty Savannah Wrap Maxi Dress, Sabo Skirt x Wanted Shoes Heels

I recently went to the opening of Coltish Boutique on King William Road in Adelaide and picked up this lovely flowey Le Salty dress. I’m not usually one for feminine flowey dresses, however the pattern on this one caught my attention. After trying it on, I thought it would be a nice addition to my wardrobe as I don’t have anything like it. As the dress is see through and quite low at the front with a high split when you walk, I wore a white lace slip dress underneath (also preventing any lines from under garments from showing). Le Salty has a beautiful range of pattern dresses, playsuits, tops and skirts and more at very affordable prices which you can check out here. If you’d like to try before you buy, I recommend heading to Coltish Boutique on King William Road in Adelaide, they have an amazing range of beautiful clothes, including those from Le Salty, that are different from any other store I’ve been to in Adelaide, which I find refreshing!

I paired the dress with my new Sabo Skirt x Wanted Shoes Heels. They’re pretty comfortable with the block heel and strapping which keeps your foot in place, I also really like the look of them! I’m looking forward to wearing more dresses as the weather gets warmer. What new style are you wanting to try? 🙂

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you again soon, Jacqui xxx

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